Chestnut Vine

General Information
Common Name Chestnut Vine
Family Vitaceae
Genus Tetrastigma
Species voinierianum
Origin Tropical and Sub-Tropical Asia
Category Foliage Plant
Common Uses Hanging Basket/Totem/Specimen

Plant in Photo
Container Size 10
Plant Height (photo) 10-12 in
Width 18-24 in
Form Multi

Image Name

Smaller Image
Larger Image

General Description
Leaf Color Dark Green
Texture Medium
Flower Color
General Heights Short

Container Sizes 08 in-14 in
Heights 18 in-30 in
Common or Rare Limited
Forms Multi

Care Basics
Water Use Low
Humidity Requirements Medium
Light Level Medium Light Preferred

Temperatures, Light and Air
Minimum Temperatures 45 F
Optimum Temperature 75 F
Minimum Light 150 Foot Candles
Optimum Light 250 Foot Candles
NASA Clean Air Study

Pests and Other Problems
Most Common Insect Problem Mealy Bug