Plants Can Help Your Asthma and Allergies

Suffer from Asthma or other allergies? Plants can help! New studies generated by NASA have proven that having indoor plants in your work or living space can dramatically improve indoor air quality. As indoor pollutants continue to rise due to our diminishing forests around the globe and air pollution due to industrialization, it is essential [...]

Poinsettias, The History You Never Knew

Poinsettias, The History You Never Knew The Poinsettia, a popular holiday plant has quite a rich and interesting history. As a Native Plant to Central America, the plant grew wildly in Southern Mexico and was then known as Taxco del Arcon. The Aztecs had many uses for the plant, one being for the dye it [...]

Air Plants Care and Display

Air Plants! Ever imagine what it would be like to survive on nutrients by simply absorbing them through your skin? Air plants, or also known as Tillandsia, do just that. Perfect for your apartment or home, these unique beauties are quite a treat! Learn how to mount, take care of and how these fantastic creatures [...]

Indoor Plants and the Modern Interior

How to Care for Your  Indoor plants and Incorporate Them into Your Modern Interior We know that when share our space with plants, we simply feel better. We feel a renewed energy, they help to clean our air and lift our moods. Plants can improve our living environment. Unfortunately, after a few plant failures, some [...]

Ten Great Indoor Plants

10 Great Indoor Plants! It's summertime, and as we know the heat can be a bit unbearable especially when it comes garden upkeep! While there are many native plants that can sustain the heat, others exist that you can place in your home to add a bit of beauty and flavor to your living space! [...]

Care of Indoor Tropical Plants

Indoor Care of Tropical Plants Don’t have a home in the tropics? You can still grow happy, healthy tropical plants indoors. You just need to know what environment a particular plant requires. Not all tropicals need the same light, humidity or temperature. You can get a good idea of the amount of sunlight a plant [...]

Plants for Mood and Air Purification

Plants improve mood and purify your office air. It's no secret that indoor plants make an office look more comfortable and inviting but did you also know that indoor plants have been scientifically proven to clean the air and improve the mood of people in the office?  Many tropical type plants are suitable for use [...]

Preparing Indoor Plants for Cold Weather

WINTERIZING INDOOR PLANTS Preparing Indoor plants for cold weather is important because indoor plants are as susceptible to the temperature changes as outdoor plants. Lighting and humidity levels must be monitored in order to ensure vibrant growth.  Or your plants may end up looking like this one. Cold damaged plant LET THERE BE [...]

The American Diabetes Association’s Walk For A Cure

Creative Plant Designs Supports The American Diabetes Association On November the 8th, 2014 The American Diabetes Association held it's Annual Walk for a Cure event at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.  Creative Plant Designs was there to show it's support.  Steve Whatley, Melissa Whatley, Tesa Harding and Dave Miller walked for the Tina Bonci Memorial [...]

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