Preparing Indoor plants for cold weather is important because indoor plants are as susceptible to the temperature changes as outdoor plants. Lighting and humidity levels must be monitored in order to ensure vibrant growth.  Or your plants may end up looking like this one.

Indoor plants for cold weather

Cold damaged plant


The winter months bring fewer hours of natural light streaming from the windows. Plants need between 4-6 hours of sunlight each day. Household lighting does not provide the photosynthesis sunlight does naturally. For healthy indoor plants, find parts of the house that receive the most light during the winter months. To determine the best location, check out the Indoor Plant Lighting guide.


Humidity levels are another important aspect to consider during the cold snaps. Just as people develop chapped lips and dry skin during this time, plants also thirst for more moisture. Using the heater in the house dries out the humidity. Consider using a humidifier or misting plants with water to keep them hydrated, or find other tips at Humidity for House Plants.
While sunlight and humidity levels are important considerations, be sure to maintain the health of indoor plants with proper watering and enough space to grow.
Indoor plants like the right amount of water. Too much water without enough drainage, and the plants could develop root rot, wilted leaves or weakened plant veins. A rule of a green thumb is to water plants when 1-inch from the soil surface is dry. Water until it begins to drain at the bottom, but do not let the pot sit in a puddle of water.


Choosing the right pot for an indoor plant can be artistic and fashionable as plants do not care about the appearance of the container, but the function. Containers for Houseplants must have appropriate drainage to avoid the watering issues listed previously and they must also be the right size. When the roots begin to grow in a circular pattern, it is time to choose a pot at least one to two inches larger than the current pot.
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