Cycas Revoluta

General Information
Common Name Cycad
Family Cycadaceae
Genus Cycas
Species revoluta
Origin Old World Tropics
Category Foliage Plant
Common Uses Specimen

Plant in Photo
Container Size 22 in
Plant Height (photo) 05-06 in
Width 05-06 ft
Form Single

Image Name

Smaller Image
Larger Image

General Description
Leaf Color Dark Green
Texture Fine
Flower Color
General Heights Short to Medium

Container Sizes 10 in-36 in
Heights 03 ft-08 ft
Common or Rare Limited
Forms Single, Multi

Care Basics
Water Use Medium
Humidity Requirements Medium
Light Level Medium Light Preferred

Temperatures, Light and Air
Minimum Temperatures 35 F
Optimum Temperature 75 F
Minimum Light 200 Foot Candles
Optimum Light 400 Foot Candles
NASA Clean Air Study

Pests and Other Problems
Most Common Insect Problem Scale,Mealy Bug